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Death Highway

Production : OJSC Motor Film Studio
Year : 2017
Genre : Detective
Duration : 45 min.
Number of episodes : 10
Produced by : Anna Kurbatova, Dmitry Fix
Screenplay by : Andrey Zhitkov
Directed by : Denis Neymand
Cast : Andrey Merzlikin, Sergey Makovetsky, Agnia Kuznetsova
Territory : Worldwide
Rights : ALL
Rights valid through : 01.03.2088
Inspired by a true story. On the 4 Highway Don a gang works, shooting random car drivers. Due to absence of an obvious motive of crimes, the journalists call the gang GTA according to their criminal pattern similar to that in the Grand Theft Auto (GTA for short) computer game. An investigator of the local department of internal affairs Zvonarev and an investigator of the Investigation Committee for the most serious crimes Melnikov investigate the crimes. Their methods of investigation are different. Zvonarev makes conclusions and works fast, avoiding any formalities sometimes. Melnikov hinders him, going by the letter of the law and relying on verified information and facts only. Unlike Zvonarev, he does not give vent to his emotions. All that together leads to frequent conflicts and disputes. Besides internal differences, the investigation is also complicated with other factors. The journalists overload panic among people. The officials are trying to take an advantage of the situation on the highway. A certain mole helps the criminals to be always one step ahead.