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Year : 2016
Genre : COMEDY
Duration : 46 min.
Number of episodes : 2
Screenplay by : YULIA BAEVA
Directed by : IVAN SHCHEGLOV
Territory : Worldwide
Rights : ALL
Rights valid through : 14.09.2087
In 1990, at one of the Moscow airports, 2 million dollars, loaned by the government from the USA, was stolen. A detective LAVROV investigated the case. He was young at that time, now he is past 50. Then in the 90s, two freight handlers of the airport were caught and sentenced to long terms, nevertheless, they did not admitted guilt. Well, they confirmed that they stole a couple of bundles of notes while unloading the aircraft, which bundles supposedly fell out of a torn bag. But they were not the organizers of the stealing. The rest of money, US$ 1,980,000, was not found. Nowadays, Lavrov continues to work in the Investigation Department of the Main Internal Affairs Directorate. During a fire in one of apartments, a wall partition was broken and a hiding place with the stolen dollars in it was suddenly discovered (some bundles only). As it was a state loan, the bundles were marked respectively by the bank and Lavrov remembered these marks. The dwellers affirm that they bought the apartment two years ago and did not know about the hiding. Lavrov decides to find the released airport handlers. One of them (Bobrov) died several years ago and the other one (Grekov) is alive. Grekov tells that he and his friend really just picked up two bundles left by someone in the cargo section of the aircraft. Lavrov tries to find out how the money got to the hiding place but does not find any clues. There lived ordinary simple people who did not know of the money. In the course of investigation, Lavrov gradually comes to the conclusion that the found part of the money was initially stolen by one of the airport security employees, Shestakov. Lavrov would have found out that, if only the case had not been closed so soon. In Lavrov’s opinion, Shestakov took the bag with the money out of the airport but did not manage to bring the “wealth” home. When he carried the torn bag, it cracked and some bundles of notes fell out. It was noticed by a passing construction worker, repairing one of the apartments in the neighbouring house, who stole some fallen bundles (having taken away them in a fight with Shestakov). Then, as he did not know what to do with the foreign currency, he just walled it up. He went missing in a couple of days. Having compared the dates of the stealing from the airport and the worker’s escape, Lavrov concludes that Shestakov managed to learn something about the thief and bumped him off not for money (as the greater part of it was about Shestakov), but because he would be a witness. Lavrov searches for the gone security officer Shestakov, but finds his ex-wife instead. She knows nothing and does not want to know anything about her ex-husband. The dialogue seems to come to a deadlock but having heard the story of the money found during fire, the woman gets nervous. Lavrov notices that and starts wiretapping her phone calls. Soon she calls her ex-husband to Siberia and says that he lied to her when told that he had not “got” the money. Lavrov asks Shestakov’s ex-wife to tell something about her lover. In a while, the woman’s lover is tracked down. Lavrov understands that this unknown lover learned about the cargo and decided to use others, the woman and her husband, in order to steal the money. However, if Shestakov got involved, although they did not know each other, and the lover never discussed “shares in the business” with the woman, so how did he want to receive the money? Lavrov supposes that the unknown lover was not going to use the money. He just wanted it to be stolen. But why? KGB. Shestakov’s wife is surprised but still confirms that this is her former lover. Once she saw Nagibin on TV and recognized him! Lavrov starts to examine the origin of Nagibin’s wealth. He is not surprised when learns that in 1991, immediately after the putsch and dispersal of the KGB, an unknown former state security officer got retired, suddenly acquired a small factory and rapidly grew through voucher privatization. Now, Lavrov is sure where Nagibin took the initial capital (even after a part of the money was lost, which part was found later in the wall, he got a million at least). So, Nagibin contacted Shestakov and took his share. While Shestakov is being sought for in Siberia, Lavrov starts working on Nagibin. Nobody will give sanctions to “work on” such influential man without sufficient grounds, so Lavrov starts “digging” on his own initiative, collecting information about Nagibin. His version is that Nagibin, in the call of duty, learned about money flying from America and decided to pull rank in order to put hands on the money. Lavrov could summon Nagibin, but he supposes that he will just refuse to talk on the subject referring, for example, to the secrecy of his service in the KGB. He decides to talk to him in informal atmosphere, although it is risky. Going to meet Nagibin, Lavrov executes a couple of statements attaching evidences, convicting Nagibin. He gives envelopes with statements and evidences to his two friends with a request to send them to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecution Service, if he is not back in a couple of days. While Lavrov is examining Nagibin’s house from a distance, some strong men attack him, capture in professional way and take to an undisclosed location. Lavrov happens to be in Nagibin’s house. Nagibin assures that he did not get a cent from the stolen million. Being a regular KGB employee, he actually executed an order – to make the airport guard commit that unfortunate stealing. Why? – He does not know. His current wealth is another story. The security of Nagibin thought Lavrov was a killer hired by business rivals. It turns out that the order for organization of the money stealing was given to young Nagibin by a certain MALYUTIN, a party official from the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, who controlled some division of the State Bank of the USSR. Malyutin was advised to involve the quirky ”young specialist” (Nagibin) by the KGB command, playing their own games with the CC. Now Malyutin is a wealthy old man, living in London. Nothing is known about him. Lavrov is trying to learn more about Malyutin. It becomes clear that Malyutin could know about the money cargo – he was a member of the delegation going to New York for negotiations on the USSR’s loans from the United States in the end of the 80s and beginning of the 90s. So, what was the interest in disappearance of the loaned money? Giving the order to Nagibin, he did not know how it would be fulfilled. He never required a report thereafter. The detective contacts his former intern AKSYONOVA, who left for the USA ten years ago, studied at a local legal high school and became a lawyer, specializing in cases referring to Russian immigrants. At Lavrov’s request, she is going to learn something about Malyutin’s visits to New York in the 90s. Suddenly Lavrov learns about an attempted assassination of Nagibin. Nagibin narrowly escapes death. The guards of Lavrov take the killer. Lavrov amusedly recognizes the wanted former airport guard Shestakov in the failed killer. It was he, who was moving around at Nagibin’s house! The guards mistook Lavrov for him then. It turns out, that worried Shestakov, after talking to his ex-wife, returned to Moscow from Siberia where he lived then. First off, he met her, suspecting that she knew something about the renewed investigation and that she could not tell by phone. During the meeting, old grievances trotted out and blame game started. The ex-wife blamed Shestakov that he had left her and escaped with the stolen million. Shestakov tried to persuade her that he had not got a million but she did not believe him. Shestakov decides to revenge upon Nagibin for all his problems by killing him. The security guards of Nagibin prevent the attempt at the last minute. Shestakov is now telling all that to Lavrov. Lavrov asks him about the worker who walled up the dollars. Shestakov says that he does not know him. Yes, he met a man who noticed the dollars dropped out of the bag and stole some bundles. He suggested the worker could be killed for a bundle of bucks at that time. Lavrov does not understand why Shestakov’s life was broken if he had got a part of the stolen million. Shestakov bitterly smiles in reply: the money found in the wall and connected to the investigation was a fake of high quality, which could be recognized by specialists only at that time. It was the news for Lavrov. He pries information out of his retired ex-boss. The latter confirms: the trick was that the dollars from the USA were fake! Real dollars never leave America! Aksyonova gets in touch from New York. She managed to get information and find out that Malyutin really contacted the ethnic Russian criminal groups in Briton Beach in 1990 under patronage of some “big boys” from Moscow. Lavrov asks about Malyutin’s interest in the criminal environment. Aksyonova tells that he allegedly searched for connections with employees of the Kennedy International Airport. Some people, close to the Russian mafia of the 90s, shared information with Aksyonova. Malyutin wanted to bribe the airport staff to render some services. The sums he offered were vast. Nobody would refuse and the staff did not refuse in all appearances. As Malyutin suddenly got rich and left for London then, so he succeeded. Lavrov agrees with Aksyonova that they cannot get Malyutin in London. Suddenly an unknown man gets in touch with Lavrov and makes an appointment. Lavrov meets the man and sees that this is Malyutin! Malyutin learned that he was wanted and decided to find out what for. It turns out that he lived near Moscow all the time. He is an ordinary pensioner now, a former communist party worker who did not find himself after then. Of course, he has never got a million. At that moment, in 1990, he did negotiate a government loan for the USSR but acted exclusively in the interests of the state. Lavrov asks Malyutin why he assigned Nagibin, a KGB agent, to organize the stealing from the airport. Malyutin is surprised because, knowing about the stealing, he never assigned anything like that. Lavrov arranges a meeting of Malyutin and Nagibin. Nagibin says that it is not Malyutin! The three men are completely at a loss. Then Lavrov asks who else could know about the way of money transportation from the USA. Malyutin reminds of NIKISHIN, a coworker, whom he shared the information. It turns out that Nikishin is a large businessman and lives in London now! Lavrov finds an old photo of Nikishin and shows it to Nagibin. The latter confirms that the KGB command introduced the man on the photo to him as Malyutin and ordered to assist. This fake Malyutin ordered to organize a sham stealing. The real Malyutin starts to understand that his friend is a scoundrel who used the received information and his name to frame him up in case of failure! Lavrov learns that Nikishin is in Moscow on business now. He goes to meet him. Nikishin cannot reject the detective. Lavrov throws his accusations in face of Nikishin: going to New York, Nikishin used information received from Malyutin and his name in order to pull the scheme. Under the name of Malyutin and involving the Russian mafia (his old connections since trade mission), Nikishin bribed employees of the Kennedy Airport to participate in the operation. They had to replace real dollars with fakes, which were delivered by the mafia (for a share, of course). Nikishin realized that he could not take the foreign currency here due to the KGB’s total control. Stealing in the USA would also raise hell and they would search. Thus, he replaced banknotes and organized the stealing of fake dollars in Moscow. No one would be the wiser. The stealing did not go smoothly, but the investigation was still distracted. Soon, the USSR fell down and no one remembered such “odd money” with the breakdown of the empire and loss of milliards of national money in the background. When Lavrov finished his story, Nikishin suggested it was true. Ok, but where are the components of the crime? The country, which law is allegedly breached, no longer exists, no KGB, there is no even money stolen as they are fake. The fact of stealing was not recorded in the USA either. The most important thing, how is Lavrov going to accuse a citizen of Great Britain of a crime committed in the USSR? The case is a ghost of the Soviet past. Shestakov escapes jail time for stealing of fake dollars and the murder of the worker, as he is not involved in his disappearance, but still brought to justice for the attempted assassination of Nagibin. Lavrov delivers the dollars taken from Shestakov to a museum as a real evidence in the case of stealing of one million fake dollars and close it finally.