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Execution Cannot Be Pardoned

Production : LLC Triiks Media
Year : 2017
Genre : Detective, History
Duration : 50 min.
Number of episodes : 12
Produced by : Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Screenplay by : Andrey Tumarkin
Directed by : Kim Druzhinin
Cast : Maria Kozhevnikova, Dmitry Astrakhan, Dmitry Palamarchuk, Maxim Merkulov, Kirill Rubtsov and others.
Territory : Worldwide
Rights : ALL
Rights valid through : 30.03.2088
Leningrad, 1947. An editor of a city newspaper, Nina Muravieva (Maria Kozhevnikova), is trying to forget about horrors of the war and turnover a fresh leaf. She has things to forget. Even her husband, Yegor, does not know that in the past Nina carried out extremely dangerous tasks behind enemy lines, day and night risking her life for the sake of the Great Victory. One day Egor dies at the hands of criminals. Nina, seeing that the police cannot follow the trail of the killers, decides to find and punish the evildoers. For her, a professional spy, this will not be a difficult task. In the gang, Nina meets Yuri Laptev (Dmitry Palamarchuk), who left a notable mark on her fate. Throughout the war, Nina and Yuri shared the hardships and sorrows of life on the front lines. They parted on the eve of the seizure of Berlin because of very dramatic events. In the meantime, Lieutenant Boris Granovsky (Kirill Rubtsov) returns to Leningrad. A graduate of the Moscow Conservatory, a pianist honored with prestigious international awards, Boris went to the front as a volunteer, dreaming to return to music after the war. But destiny had other plans for him. Because of the wounds received in the war, Granovsky can no longer play at the same level, and the party leaders decide to send the battlefront veteran into the thick of crime fighting to the Criminal Investigation Department. The fates of Nina and Granovsky are entwined in the most bizarre way, but can these war weary people build their future together when post-war life brings them only pain and tears?