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Production : LLC “GPM KIT” with the participation of LLC “Film Studio KIT” and LLC “FILMCOMPANY “SINTEZFILM”
Year : 2016
Genre : Criminal drama
Duration : 45 min.
Number of episodes : 2
Produced by : Dzhanik Faiziev, Rafael Minasbekyan, Sergey Bagirov
Screenplay by : Evgeny Fateev with the participation of Alexey Bezenkov and Pavel Ganin
Directed by : Dmitry Korobkin
Cast : Oleg Taktarov, Maxim Drozd, Andrey Bagirov, Asya Domskaya, Yury Arkhangelsky, Vadim Rakitin, Petr Zanin and others.
Territory : Worldwide
Rights : ALL
Rights valid through : 28.11.2087
Episode 1 Andrey Belozertsev, the son of the port terminal’s owner, is a golden youth. He studies at university and lives separately from his father. Some influential people start grabbing assets of Belozertsev Sr. A security guard Roman Koryakin has to take Andrey home, but the golden youth does not believe in danger and escapes. After two assassination attempts he has to accept help. Roman drives the mischievous young man home. At one of the gas stations, they learn from the news that Belozertsev Sr. is killed. Roman and Andrey disclose their location to bandits, making an ambush, successfully fight back the attack and take the criminal hostage. The latter informs that the forcible takeover of the port is organized by Police Lieutenant Colonel Petrov. Episode 2 Andrey learns that a company named Orion, in association with Petrov, is trying to grab the port. Andrey transfers all money of the corrupted policeman to a charity fund. He wants to wipe out the guilty persons and go abroad. Roman wants justice. The friends quarrel. Roman files a police report. When going out the police department, he is kidnapped and taken to a deserted warehouse. There alive Belozertsev Sr stands hostage. Andrey traces the criminals, gets inside the warehouse and learns from his father that Orion is actually his company and he wanted to take loans and leave the country, having staged his death for effect. He dies in skirmish with bandits. Andrey denounces the criminals to the police, stays in Russian and saves the port.