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Like in an old crime story

Year :  2004
Duration :  45-48 min
Total number of releases :  4
Script writer :  Victoria Zueva
Director :  Pavel Malkov
Camera :  Leonid Vasilyev
Producer :  Ada Staviskaya
Cast :  Varvara Pavlova, Andrei Zaitsev, Oleg Belonuchkin, Anna Aleksakhina, Tatyana Rasskazova, Nikolai Burov, Alexander Blok, Dmitry Lugovkin, Marina Adashevskaya, Sergei Malakhov
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The house of a well-known professor Zagorsky. Everybody is anticipating the owner’s anniversary. The preparation is in full swing when the birthday man disappears. In a few hours, his family learns that he has committed suicide. Investigation is commenced. Zagorsky’s wife Mirra asks the police detective not to declare in public the details of her husband’s death.
Two students Lera and Mitya assisted Zagorsky in his studies. They decide to investigate the suspicious case themselves, as they do not believe the professor had hung himself. Mitya finds a letter in Zagorsky’s study that makes him convinced in his suspicions: he learns the real reason of the professor’s son’s death ten years ago. Everybody thinks that he’d died of a heart attack, but in reality he was killed.