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Life is a hunting field

Year :  2005
Duration :  46 min
Total number of releases :  16
Written by :  Vyacheslav Romanov, Vladimir Shmakov
Directed by :  Viktor Volkov
Music by :  Dmitry Dankov
Produced by :  Yuri Matsyuk
Starring :  Nikolay Dobrynin, Igor Vernik, Elena Kotikhina, Karen Avanesyan, Gennady Leskiv, Igor Uryvaev, Mikhail Bogdasarov, Yuri Reznichenko, Oleg Golub, Yuri Duvanov, Valeriy Eremeev, Evgeniy Atarik, Dmitry Svit, Tatiana Shitova, Mark Geikhman, Olga Ivanova, Gennady Khrapunkov, Natalia Korennaya, Boris Shuvalov, Aleksey Yanin, Yuri Chernov, Anton Volovik, Vladimir Shulga, Lev Durov, Irina Shebeko, Neiland Yaunzemarmands, Alexander Grishin, Dmitry Zhaimoda, Maxim Evseev, Madlen Dzhabrailova, Evgeny Berezovsky, Alexander Markelov, Andrey Sanatin, Tatiana Tashkova, Mikhail Dokin
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The banker Gleb Markovsky is found dead in his own country house. The general of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Kim Khodeev got the assignment to head the investigation. However, he has no time to supervise the investigative group, as his ex wife Angela called him to Sochi urgently: their 24 year-old son was missing. Kidnapping is suspected.
Khodeev sets out for Sochi and recalls how his career in militia started in this South city in the end of the 70s. He was a student of militia school then and succeeded in solving a number of crimes committed by a gang of bandits. At that time, he met Angela and a ganef Marat Kazarsky, claiming to be her brother. This retro story makes up the basis of the first four episodes of the film.
In the second block: in the course of investigation Khodeev gradually comes to the conclusion that either his (Khodeev’s) son has committed the murder or that somebody sets him up proficiently. The character of Marat Kazarsky emerges again.
Kazarsky is the protagonist of the next block of four episodes as well. The scene is laid in 1993, the period of notorious criminal wars and share-for-loans. At that time, Khodeev was involved in investigation of the murder of Valeriy Sharumov, the general director of the Sibneftegaz plant. And no other but Kazarsky tried to disorder the case by proposing a big bribe to Khodeev. It goes without saying that Khodeev refused. The next morning, the arrested murderer – the only one who could put the investigators on the scent of the organizers, was found with his throat slit in his cell.
The last four episodes feature the end of investigation of the murder of Markovsky. Khodeev weighs facts, reopens the case of 1993 and comes to the conclusion that it was Kazarsky who put contracts out for both murders and that he got Khodeev’s son in wrong intentionally, to take revenge upon his old enemy.