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Shnur around the world

Year :  2006
Duration :  216 min
Total number of releases :  15
Anchor :  Sergey Shnurov
Written by :  Elena Kiseleva
Directed by :  Ekaterina Veshcheva
Music by :  Konstantin Limonov
Produced by :  Danila Sharapov
An outrageous and provocative programme. An alternative journey. The anchor (Shnur, the singer of Leningrad band) bases his trip around the country on the most popular associations. He takes a generally recognized myth (e.g., the Great American Dream) and either destroys it during his wandering, or shows the reverse side of the myth, which is new and extraordinary to viewers.
He goes sightseeing about the local universally acknowledged sights, comments on them in his peculiar manner, finds unconventional parallels and busts stereotypes of perception in every possible way.
"Shnur Around the World" is not a programme about travelling. Its not travelling along a designated route, but rather creation of an alternative reality, unconventional view over the situation, the view of the person who is a complete stranger in the country where he found himself and who understands it in his own way. Unable to speak the language and never going into details of traditions, Shnur, however, takes notice of the uncommon and creates a kind of phantasmagoria about the country, about which viewers learned from books, films and travel guides.