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Wild world

Year :  2003-2009
Duration :  39, 26 min
Total number of releases :  201 (03.05.2009)
Anchor :  Timofei Bazhenov
Scriptwriters :  Timofei Bazhenov, Igor Ryabov
Director :  Dmitry Mednov
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The Wild World. Expedition by Timofey Bazhenov — constitute the combination of the three television genres: discovery, animals and reality show. Film crew of the program spent two years traveling across many places of Russia — the Far East, Urals, Yakutia — and exploring taiga, selva and Arctic Ocean in pursue of two ends. One of the targets was to show the dramatic and rich life of each specific animal (Siberian tiger, wolves inhabiting Tambov region and Chechnya, polar bear and brown bear) from cradle to grave. The other target was to give the audience an idea of how such programs are created and to show the real life of the film crew at the production of the program.

25 people took part in the expedition making their way on two heavy all-road vehicles designed specifically for that purpose. The expedition had military lorries "Ural" and "GAZ-66", boats, helicopters and even a balloon at their disposal.