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Count krestovsky

Company :   "MEGAPOLIS"
Year :  2004
Duration :  45 min
Total number of releases :  11
Written by :  Ramiz Fataliev, Alexander Oleinikov
Director :  Ramiz Fataliev
Music by :  Faik Sudjaddinov
Producers :  Alexander Oleinikov, Arkady Tsimbler, Sergey Nikolsky
Starring :  Alexander Baluyev, Kakhi Kavsadze, Sergey Nikonenko, Yaroslav Boiko and others
List of Series

The action of the series starts in the 60-s. The protagonist is a boy who was born in a family of worker. He grew up without a mother she died while giving him birth and was brought up by his father according to the fundamental principles of men: never hurt the week, defend yourself from offenders and help those who are in need.
At school, the boy met a Friend and later — the Girl whom he fell in love with once and forever. She shared his feeling. The Friend also liked the Girl but had no chance at all.

The hero finished school and became a sailor at a dry cargo vessel that cruised abroad. A guy next door to him, son of a local militia boss who became his Rival, also wanted to get this job. He wanted to use the vessel for drug transfer. After he realized he could not get it, he decided to make use the hero with the help of the Friend. The hero starts shipping bad goods abroad without being aware of it. The Rival and the Friend received all the profit. One day the Rival decided to change his field of activity and told the foreign authorities about the drug smuggling.

The protagonist found himself in prison for the most dangerous criminals, at a rocky island, where it was impossible to run away from. He spent four years in prison and finally managed to escape with the help of his cellmate Tito Sharia who sacrificed his own life for him. The hero inherited the treasures of his mate and returned to his hometown to reestablish downtrodden justice.