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Year :  2006
Duration :  44 min
Total number of releases :  90
Authors :  Maria Galperina, Evgeniy Kuratov, Julia Molodtsova, Mikhail Sokolovskiy
Directors :  Vladimir D'yachenko, Valeriy Rasko
Composer :  Evgeny Zaitsev
Producer :  Valentin Opalerv
Starring :  Maria Semkina, Ivan Shabaltas, Alena Yakovleva, Vladimir Steklov, Anatoliy Pashinin, Natalya Rogoza, Galina Polskikh, Igor Livanov, Lev Prygunov
The main character of the series, Varvara Kartasheva comes back to the Crimea after her studies abroad. Her father, Alexey Kartashev, is a businessman, the owner of the network of hotels "Wind Rose". Having started with a small hotel in the Crimea, Alexey developed a true empire. Now he owns hotels in Moscow, in the Crimea and Turkey.
The Head Office of his company is in Moscow, however his favourite hotel is the first one at the seaside where the Kartashevs live.
The decision to settle in the Crimea was taken due to the family circumstances as the local climate was good for the health of Alexey's first wife and Varvara's mother, a talented painter Vera Kartasheva. But the happy life for them did not last long.
After a sudden and mysterious death of Vera, Alexey married her sister Olga. His daughter Varvara went abroad to study.
And now her return home brings changes not only to the family life of Kartashev but to his business as well. The management of the hotels was entrusted by Alexey to his friends Valeriy Zubkov and Evgeniy Mikhailov, who he had started with. Zubkov was managing the whole network and Mikhailov — only the Crimean hotel. Varvara learns about the Mikhailov's intrigues and, securing Zubkov's support, decides to expose him. But Mikhailov proves to be an insidious and savage enemy. Unfortunately, Alexey trusts his friend more than his daughter.
Suddenly Varvara finds another ally — Evdokiya Romanovna Khlopkova, a noblewoman by birth, who was brought up abroad and in her declining years returned to the motherland. Great admirer of Agatha Christie this "Russian Miss Marple" offered her help in the investigations. Many mysteries are revealed thanks to her assistance including the unexpected death of Vera Kartasheva.
The action of the series takes place in different cities and countries. There is everything in the story: business conflicts and final triumphs, family relations and love affairs, murders and their investigations.