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War case

Year :  2003-2005
Duration :  26 min
Total number of releases :  74
Presenter, author :  Maxim Morgunov
Director :  Svyatoslav Vlasov
War Case is a popular science program about the universal history of wars, armies and missiles, which covers the period from the ancient times to modern life. However it is by far too different from common television formats exhibiting peculiarities of army life style, interviews with commanders and soldiers’ routine. The major aspects of the program are modern missiles, commanders’ personalities and historic paradoxes, inventions in military sphere. The program shows untraditional view on the war – both of the past and present times.

The sufficient part of the War Case is dedicated to Russia and it’s major war campaigns, bright historic events, outstanding models of military equipment, heroes of war and ordinary soldiers in modern Russian army and inventors of weapons and missiles.

“Armies of the World”, “On the Eve of the Future”, “Trace in History”, “Personality”, “Example”, “A Man at War” – are only a few of the rubrics within the program which will be presented to the audience in its full variety of topics and historic perspectives.

War Case is aired weekly on Sundays.