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Suitcase. station. russia

Year :  2004
Duration :  44 min 40 sec
Total number of releases :  1
Written by :  Maria Slonim
Author :  Alexander Zinenko
Directed by :  Yelena Nemikh
On the day of departure, the station restaurant “Blue Train” was half-empty and bourgeois Paris sparkled with city lights outside the window. 1947. The parents of Nikita Krivoshein had a lot to lose. However, there was one majour thing they lacked in this comfortable life — serving their Motherland. Krivosheins, a family of White emigrants wanted to be helpful to the country that they were forced to leave some time ago. It’s clear why people left Russia, but not as clear why they returned. Missing Russian birch-trees? A common homesickness metaphor does not explain much. Zinenko’s documentary is an attempt to understand the motivation for returning to Motherland in various periods of history, from 1945 to nowadays. Five stories lie in the centre of the documentary narration, five heroes with very different fates. What can be in common between a grandson of Tsar’s minister, the daughter of the first Soviet defectors, a Russian girl – war captive, a Cossack from Istanbul and finally, an ordinary officer of a juvenile prison in the town of Birobijan? They may be united by one thing – return to their Motherland. Motherland met our heroes differently…