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Stalingrad - 1942. last christmas

Company :  VIP TV
Year :  2003
Duration :  45 min 08 sec
Total number of releases :  1
Screenwriter :  Sergey Vetlin
Idea by :  Oleg Sapozhnikov
Directors :  Irina Morozova, Andrey Morozov
Produced by :  Sergey Shumakov, Nikolay Bilyk
Six decades have passed since the last shots of the bloodiest and lengthiest battle of World War II were fired. The fierce fighting on both banks of the Volga river lasted for two hundred and twenty days and nights. Here, not far from Stalingrad, a whole German army was encircled and ultimately torn to shreds. Priest Kurt Reuber, also a philosopher and painter, was among those 300,000 German soldiers and officers encircled by the Red Army near Stalingrad. On Christmas Eve of 1942, he painted the Mother of God with the infant in her hands on the backside a school map. That painting became a hope of survival for the encircled German forces. The film portrays the history of the painting titled Madonna of Stalingrad, which is now exhibited at one of Germanys Protestant cathedrals. The film includes interviews with Uta Tolklit, daughter of Kurt Reuber, pastor Zoppe, Russian veterans Maria Danina and Anatoly Merezhko, and German veterans of the battle of Stalingrad.