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Stalin. death of the leader

Company :  OOO "VitaFon"
Year :  2003
Duration :  43 min 07 sec
Author :  Alexander Kolesnik
Director :  Valery Udovychenkov
The last word the Soviet leader uttered was “God.” There was an Orthodox Christian icon and a wine horn hanging over Josef Stalin’s deathbed. This is not a legend, this is a documentary evidence. What did Stalin think about death? Why did he carefully avoid attending funerals? Who or what promoted concessions to the Russian Orthodox Church during WWII? According to professor Alexander Kolesnik, the span from late forties through early fifties represents a special period of development of the Soviet government system. In fact, the span is a new phase in the creeping war of clans. What’s more, Stalin does not take an active part in this war, since he is seriously ill. A new redistribution of powers starts within the Soviet government circles. This is clash of the so-called “old families” and the fresh blood represented by new officials who gained fame and respect during WWII. Time will pass, and long after Stalin’s death, this “fresh blood,” which first popped during the Soviet Union’s first redistribution of powers (including Brezhnev, Ustinov, Suslov), will take over the helm. In fact, the will reign the country till 1991. The film includes interviews with A. Kolesnik, R. Kosolapov, N. Baibakov, S. Khrushchev, E. Dzhugashvili, G. Moroz, Y. Kvitsinsky, S. Tikhvinsky, A. Sudoplatov, L. Ivashov.