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“spartac”. playing on the field of history

Year :  2000
Duration :  1 episode – 53 min. 34 sec.2 episode – 54 min. 00 sec.3 episode – 50 min. 41 sec4 episode – 51 min. 15 sec.
Total number of releases :  4
Author of the project idea :  Eugeny Kiselev
Screenwriter and director :  Yury Zanin with participation of Valery Savin
The documentary “Spartac”. Playing on the Field of History” is an absorbing story full with intrigue and sudden turns of the plot, it is a specific view – through fifteen generations of the football players of “Spartak” – on the life of our country in the outgoing XXth century since 1935 when “Spartak” was founded by Nikolay P.Starostin. The dramaturgy of the documentary is based on the life stories of the players who were legendary in the national and world football.
“Spartac”. Playing on the Field of History” includes unique newsreels, opened secrets of the KGB archives, the myths born by the rumors and the narrations by the “Spartak” veterans never published before. It tells about Oleg Romantsev and the current football stars, displays the thoughts by serious supporters and the fervor of the fans, the ceaseless rivalry of “Spartak” and “Dynamo”. It shows the confrontation between Beria and the Komsomol leaders, the Spartak lovers from among the Political Bureau of the Communist Party Central Committee members and the contemporary political elite, etc.