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The president of all russia

Year :  1999-2000
Duration :  1 episode – 60 min. 07 sec. 2 episode – 62 min. 56 sec. 3 episode – 57 min. 56 sec. 4 episode – 62 min. 56 sec.
Screenplay by :  Victoria Dubitskaya
Directed by :  Sergei Ursulyak
Producer :  Yefim Lyubinsky
Author of the idea and narrator :  Evgeni Kiselyov
A lot of truthful and unfair things have been said about Yeltsin. For some people he was an idol, for others – a turncoat and a populist. Then many of his supporters turned into his enemies and many of his execrators – into his obsequious allies. All of them, Communists and democrats, reformists and conservators, tried to use the energy and strength of this man who had been nicknamed “Bulldozer” during his tenure in the Sverdlovsk region. But few tried to understand Boris Nikolayevich’s own intentions.
What kind of man was the first President of Russia? How did his character shape? Who were his friends and enemies during his life? And how should one view his decade: as the return of the eternal Russia to well-trodden paths of the mankind or as the destruction of its greatness and historical role?
For the first time, the NTV team tried, without haste or bias, to sort out Yeltsin’s personality and his role on the sharp turn of the Russian history. In five one-hour episodes, his relatives and friends, his associates and colleagues, his allies and enemies describe the man, his actions in critical situations, and how the decisions were taken which shaped the country’s future.
This film is both the biography of an extraordinary statesman and the history of the Russia’s recent turbulent decade.
Besides the official chronicle, the film uses unique agency and amateur footage as well as testimony of those who have always shied publicity.