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The victory. one for all

Year :  2000
Duration :  01 hour 02 min. 00 sec.
Total number of releases :  1
Presenter :  Svetlana Sorokina
Script by :  Yevgeni Golynkin, Sergey Kostin
Directed by :  Vera Storozheva
Author of the idea :  Yevgeni Kiselyov
55 years after the end of the Great Patriotic War, its vivid, full and objective picture has yet to be re-created. It was only recently that the historians took the trouble to try to look at those years in the context of the entirety of our history. It is the propaganda-edited and accommodative history of generals and politicians, the history of great battles and heroic deeds that has been in use until now. Numberless and often senseless casualties and the pain of common people, the real victors, have been either ousted at the background, or simply hushed up.
The citizens-in-arms that survived defeats and bottle-ups. Soldiers taken prisoner and made to go first through German concentration camps, then through their Soviet counterparts. Soldiers serving in penal battalions that miraculously survived in deadly attacks. Women taken to Germany as slaves. Survivors of the Leningrad blockade who even today cannot force themselves to throw away a stale crust of brown bread. Heroic troops whose feats of arms are forgotten.
These are the people who are given the opportunity to speak out in the film. They as much deserve the title of heroes of war, as do the famous generals. All those people shared one war, and nobody could stay away from it. This is why the victory was and is shared by all.
The German war veterans speak on the manner of the Russian fighting and the kind of relations the Wehrmacht soldiers had with local Russians. These German veterans who once fought on the Eastern Front, now renovate churches in Russia and take care of the Soviet prisoners graves in Germany. The German narration is not only verbal, but video as well, as a lot of captured German newsreels are included in the film.