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May day column

Year :  2002
Duration :  48 min 46 sec
Total number of releases :  1
Scriptwriter :  Alexey Pobortsev
Director :  Andrey Ivanov
Producer :  Vladimir Markin
Producer :  Alexander Victorov
This program is a story about one of the many episodes of the first Chechen war. Salman Raduyev’s gang was trying to infiltrate Chechnya but was forced back to a Daghestani village of Pervomayskoye [or the village of May Day]. This is a story about the military’s inconsistency which resulted in numerous casualties. This is also a story about the heroism of Russian soldiers -- four officers and one soldier tried to fight back the 200-strong squad of the Chechen fighters and left over fifty of them lying dead on the battlefield. The program includes interviews with Albert Zaripov, commander of the special task unit which resisted the terrorists (Zaripov lost eyesight in that battle); Dmitry Gerasimov, chief of the anti-terrorism headquarters since 1996; Alexander Mikhailov, head of the Federal Security Service’s PR department; Alexander Nikishin, commander of the Vityaz elite unit; Khasan Baiev, a surgeon who operated Salman Raduyev, Shamil Basayev and hundreds of peaceful civilians and Russian soldiers; Viktor Pinchuk, commander of the paratroopers’ squad; Anatoly Kulikov, minister of the interior since 1996; Esita, Salman Raduyev’s sister. The program ends with a footage of the penitentiary where Raduyev is serving his lifelong sentence.