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The place of rendezvous, 20 years after

Year :  1999
Duration :  1 episode – 43 min. 05 sec.2 episode – 53 min. 40 sec.
Directed by :  Alexander Levin
Narrator :  Leonid Parfyonov
Project idea :  Evgeni Kiselyov
Film “The Place of Rendezvous, 20 Years After” tells not only how the cult film “The Place of Rendezvous Cannot Be Changed” was made but also about the times it described. About the life of the Moscow Criminal Investigations Department and about “thieves-in-law”, luxurious restaurants and flea markets – about the life after the Victory.
Practically each character in the film had its prototype. Some of them are widely known, others will become known to viewers for the first time (for instance, pick-pocket Brick, whom audience liked, had a prototype, a lisping thief nicknamed “Louse”).
A lot of things from the script were not included in the final version of the film – the “humane” censorship could not allow that, for instance, Sharapov’s girlfriend Varya be killed.
Arkady Vainer, one of the script writers, Stanislav Govorukhin, Armen Djigarkhanian, Ivan Bortnik, Vladimir Konkin, Larisa Udovichenko, Aleksnader Belyavsky, Vsevolod Abdulov will share their impressions.
Old police officers will describe the work of the criminal police of that time. But apart from cops and thieves there had been another life which is also shown in the film – there was a different fashion then (fashion designer Irina Andreeva remembers), and another type of audience attended the Bolshoi Theater (tells Bolshoi Theater administrator).
It’s not a nostalgia for the past years. Today’s Zheglovs and Sharapovs are fighting today’s Foxes and Bricks. The dispute on law and order still continue between them.