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The star wars: games for adults

Year :  2001
Duration :  57 min. 33 sec.
Episodes :  1
Presenter :  Alexander Gerasimov
Screenplay by :  Eugeny Matonin, Andrey Fedulov, Alexander Gerasimov
Directed by :  Vera Storozheva
Author of the project idea :  Eugeny Kiselev
40 years of space exploration are not just successful and unsuccessful launches, flights, Moon landings or endeavours to send expeditions to distant worlds. They also saw the fierce battle for domination in space between two superpowers, the USSR and the USA. It was not only to prove that capitalism or socialism was the best that the battle was waged. Both sides were getting ready for a real space war and both invented things that looked fantastic at first sight. Many of those things became known only years after their invention due to secrecy.

So, when George Lucas in late 70s was making his famous Star Wars movie, he hardly realised that many of the things, which seemed to exist only in his mind also existed in reality.

At the time when the Lucas movie hit the screens automatic cannons were being installed on Soviet “Almaz” orbital stations. With their help, cosmonauts were to shoot down enemy spaceships. And the shots were really fired…

In the fall of 1983, USSR Defence Minister Dmitry Ustinov ordered the commanders of the Space Defence Forces to use a combat laser unit against one of the first US space shuttles, – to look at the reaction of the Americans. And the order was carried out…

The Americans were going to explode a nuclear bomb on the Moon, and our military seriously considered establishing a Lunar missile base to fire missiles on America…

Those are just some episodes of the Star Wars that were waged in reality, not in sci-fi movies.

Certainly, all those projects were classified. Some of the witnesses of the events which happened 20 or 30 years ago who took part in the film are reluctant to describe space war projects. Deadly satellites, interceptor spaceships, combat laser units and the information on how much it all cost were considered an important state secret.

“Start Wars: games for adults” is a film about a secret space, about a space, which the newspapers almost have not mentioned during all those 40 years.