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The top secret life

Year :  1999
Duration :  49 min. 01 sec.
Author and narrator :  Grigory Krichevsky
Idea by :  Evgeni Kiselyov
What is the strength of an indoctrinated spy? Why is it so difficult for the enemy to discover him? On what principles was the activity of Soviet agents in the US built during and immediately after the World War Two? Why did agents, who knew about repression and gulags, risked their lives for Lavrentyi Beria's agency?
Grigory Krichevskys film describes the life in the USSR and the escapes of two gifted Soviet spies.
After the Americans decrypted Soviet secret codes only two men working for the New York residency managed to escape the FBI in 1948. The only reason for their success was their faith in the bright Communist future, strong conviction that in the USSR they would be able to realize their dream of a decent life without unemployment, humiliation and wild capitalism.
Wherever they were, they were always of use to their new motherland. They worked for the defense of the USSR and against the US. Few people are aware that those agents built the first Soviet computer, conceived Zelenograd near Moscow as a semblance of Silicon Valley in the US. After the downfall of Khrushchev and the coming of Brezhnev the foreigners were moved aside to play second-grade roles. Party authorities could not allow any foreigners, whether or not indoctrinated, to manage the domestic electronic industry. Probably, that's why our computer industry is unable to compete with the West.
This film is the story of betrayal, love, espionage and disillusionment, it's the story of the Soviet science which was ahead of the US science in 50s and 60s and which is now almost of no use to anyone.