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Life for jeans

Year :  2004
Duration :  44 min 02 sec
Total number of releases :  1
Written by :  Maria Keder
Author :  Ilya Zimin
Directors :  Andrei Yerasov, Valery Spirin
Everybody remembers their first jeans in this country – the same as you remember your first woman or the first man. In the USSR, jeans were called the clothes of the potential enemy. The first large-scale irruption of working pants of Western sons of toil at the Soviet Country happened in 1957. The World Youth Festival was the first time when the closed doors of the Soviet Union were opened. America and Europe, Africa and Asia – guests left in Moscow children of different races and the fashion for jeans. Jeans were fancied together with rock music, long hair and the word “kaif”. In course of time, a new word appeared in the USSR – a spiv. In 1960, speculators Rokotov and Faibyshenko were executed for currency operations. There is a legend that “jeans trading” was one of the counts and the last words of the defendant at the trial were: “Whatever you say, the best clothes are jeans!” In the West, jeans challenged bourgeois values and in the Soviet Union they challenged the socialist system. In the West, they were the symbol of rejection of the cult of money and here they became the symbol of wealth. Even if you are not rich, jeans served a pass into the overworld. This is the story of how we were defeated in the Cold war. According to the song, “we were taught to love your forbidden fruit, America”, and so we were caught.