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Wreck of the battleship

Year :  2000
Duration :  01 hour 04 min.
Total number of releases :  1
Author and presenter :  Grigory Krichevsky
Screenwriters :  Grigory Krichevsky, Anton Hrekov, Vera Storozheva
Director :  Vera Storozheva
Author of the project idea :  Eugeny Kiselev
On October 29, 1955 on the roadstead of Sebastopol bay, one of the largest disasters in the history of the national navy after the WW2 occured.
“Novorossiysk” battleship (former Italian battleship Julius Cesar), the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet squadron, was at anchor 150 meters off the shore. At 1.30 a.m. sharp, at the rostrum starboard of the ship an explosion of an unknown origin occurred. The explosion was so extraordinarily powerful that all of the decks were broken through. The battleship took a list, and the water started to inundate one compartment after another. The crew at “Novorossiysk” desperately fought for the survival of the ship. Urgently, emergency teams arrived from the ships in the roads nearby. The entire command of the Black Sea Fleet, including admiral Victor Parkhomenko, arrived to the sinking ship, but even the top officers failed to properly arrange the activities of the battleship salvation. None of the sailors and officers left their action stations, even though with every single minute the chance to escape diminished. The command never ordered the evacuation of the crew. In over two hours the battleship overturned and sank with entire Sebastopol watching the scene.
Officially, there were 609 victims. But some data suggests that the real casualties exceeded 1000. Some seamen could swim to the shore, others were walled up alive within the hull. The rescuers could only get 7 sailors out of their iron captivity, two more were saved by the frogmen almost three days later.
Until now, nobody knows anything about the cause of the battleship wreck. Any materials relating to the case were immediately classified, and they still are in the archives with “Top Secret" mark. Officially, the cause of the explosion was German ground mine, but many doubt it was so.
The documentary reconstructs the struggle for saving the ship and the crew, tells about the sailoring those days, and offers other enigmatic versions of the event. The sailors and officers who survived that night, tell what happened then.