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Socialism era warriors

Year :  2003
Duration :  44 min 15 sec
Total number of releases :  1
Scriptwriter :  Alexander Smirnov
Director :  Igor Vereshchak
Producer :  Etery Levievar
Program Manager :  Veronika Borovik-Hilchevskaya
Seventies are generally known as the years of stagnant stability in the USSR. At that time, the word “gang” could be encountered only detective stories and feature films. What’s more, the last criminal case opened in the USSR under the clause “Gangsterism” was closed in mid-fifties. However, dozens of gangs committed various crimes throughout the country. Yet, all the information about these gangs was classified as it might have spoilt the police records, and, thus, the majority of criminal cases did not reach the court.
But what happened in Kazan, capital city of the Tatar Republic, could not be hushed up at all. Teenager gangs that emerged in one of Kazan’s districts were formed like army units. A commander, a chief of staff, commanders of smaller units were at the helm of gangs. This was how there was born an alternative to the official groups of Russian teenagers -- Pioneers and Young Communist Leaguers. The entire city were afraid of the guys from that district. In 1978, the gang decided to fill the city with terror, the terror that nobody had ever heard of. It was for the first time in the last thirty years, the word “Gangsterism” popped up in the history of the Soviet law.
As a result of the police raid, over 80 members of the gangs were put in the dock. Local police officers narrowly escaped dismissal, while the local executive authorities were still trying to hush up the fact of existence of teenager gangs. Yet, they failed to do so, as too much blood was shed by diligent schoolchildren and technical school trainees.
The program includes interviews with police officers and prosecutors of the republic of Tatarstan who took part in the investigation of this case.