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To escape from gulag (the escape from gulag)

Company :  OOO "ADAM’S APPLE"
Year :  2003
Duration :  41 min 58 sec
Total number of releases :  1
Author, presenter and producer :  Alexei Vasilev
Scriptwriter :  Mikhail Kozlov
Directors :  Yuri Kiyashko, Oleg Shilovsky
Andrei Vladimirovich Chernaev, 85, a British pensioner, remembers the events of 1932 when he together with his mother and father, who was kept in the Solovki concentration camp as a saboteur then, managed to escape to Finland. Chernaev visited the house and the flat in St. Petersburg where he used to live, came to the station of Kem and the town of Kandalaksha. His father managed to win the trust of the administration and was sent for a business trip to Finland as a specialist in fishing industry. When his wife and son visited him in Kandalaksha the family managed to perform a “family escape” on a boat to the Finnish territory. The refugees had to spend two weeks in forests before his father managed to find Finnish border guards. That’s how they found themselves abroad.
Participants: Alexander Baturin, artist; Irina Fliche, member of “Memorial” Society; Victor Ivanov, Doctor of History
Note: the film contains unique chronicles of Stalin’s concentration camps, the labour and life of prisoners are shown.