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The afghan trap

Year :  1999
Duration :  1 episode – 01 hour 04 min. 30 sec.2 episode – 01 hour 05 min. 40 sec.
Screenplay by :  Sergei Kostin
Directed by :  Dmitry Zubarev,
Author of the idea and narrator :  Evgeni Kiselyov
Today it seems that everything is known about the Afghan war.
That in 1979 the Soviet invasion of the Southern neighbor’s territory was the first and the only one. That the decision to bring in troops was not thought out well and was taken too hastily by several mentally weak Kremlin rulers.
That the Soviet Army did not fight well and was doomed to lose in Afghanistan.
It’s all wrong.
It’s all not quite simple.
The two-episode documentary film “The Afghan Trap” of the “Contemporary History” series raises a lot of difficult questions.
What was happening in the friendly Afghanistan in early 70s? Why did the Politbureau, which initially had been unanimous in rejecting the idea of armed intervention, finally decide to go ahead? How did Soviet troops get involved in military action and when did our troops learn to fight? Why couldn’t politicians and diplomats achieve political settlement for such a long time? What was the outcome of the Afghan war, and has it ended at all? For the first time the history of Soviet invasion will be presented from various points of view, through the eyes of all the sides involved in the conflict. Soviet leaders, military chiefs, diplomats, advisors, secret service officers, soldiers and officers will all tell their truths...
Afghans who occupied high posts after the victory of the April revolution and fought on the side of the Communist regime...
Leaders and fighters of the armed opposition – those who were first called bandits, Dushmans and then Modjaheds, defenders of faith...
The narrator, Evgeni Kiselyov, who worked as a military interpreter, and the film team will show how the USSR became gradually involved in the internal conflict of the neighboring country and ended up trapped in the “Afghan trap”. And how difficult it was to escape from that trap.