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Salam, america!

Company :  ÎÎÎ «VERTOV AND CO.»
Year :  2004
Duration :  28 min 05 sec
Total number of releases :  1
Written by :  Nona Peres
Directed by :  Vyacheslav Makarov
America lost the war in the twentieth century: the war against the Vietnam communism. Then, there were two fronts: some kids died for the Stars & Stripes in the distant jungles, but in their own streets other kids of the same age burnt it. America did not withstand such civil opposition.
After the 11-th of September, America has declared war against radical Islam and is already fighting at two fronts: against radicals in the streets of Iraqi cities and against visiting terrorists at home, in America. But, its own Islam is growing, strengthening and maturing at home. The film “Salam, America” is about the Americans who adopted Islam not long before or just after the 11-th of September. Why did they decide to convert to the new belief? How do they live in America which is fighting against Muslims? Have they become strangers among their compatriots? What do they think about the war in Iraq? Will there be a third front in America? That’s what the film “Salam America” is about.