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Indestructible union

Year :  2006
Duration :  46 min
Total number of releases :  2
Author :  Alexey Pobortsev
In a new documentary of Alexey Pobortsev the participants of the historic meeting come to the Belovezhskaya Pushcha again and recollect the events that happened 15 years ago. Was the text of the document prepared beforehand? Why did not such an important meeting take place in a capital of some republic? The most unexpected details are revealed. How did the presidents relax, what did they eat and drink? The film also tries to answer the main question: why did the Union fall apart? Was it just the decision of the three presidents or were there any other, more serious reasons?
Many people remember 1991 as the very peak of the crisis, deepened in the Soviet Union. Lack of goods, peoples dissatisfaction, many republics do not want to be a part of the USSR any more. Efforts to suppress the protests by force embitter people. Everything goes downhill. Something must be done. A Union agreement is being prepared but the coup of August 19 changes everything. How was the coup prepared, did Gorbachev know about it and if he did, why did he go on holiday? Why was there no order to assault the White House? Recollections of direct participants of these events. GKCP (Emergency Situation State Committee) members and people from the other side of the barricades. How did the coup influence further events? Why did an attempt to save the USSR yield quite the opposite result? Everything is discussed in the second part of the documentary "Indestructible Union".