159. The Secret Power of Shambala

In the XX century the two totalitarian systems showed the world their incontestable might. The might of communism and the might of fascism. It is commonly assumed that it was the power of faithless material powers, however, both the Nazi Germany and the Soviet Russia used the services of Gods. What kind of Gods were those?The Soviet totalitarian regime needed rituals. A five-pointed star has become the symbol of the soviet state. Demonstrations replaced sacred processions, and faces of the leaders replaced icons. Later on, the incorruptible relics of Lenin appeared. All that strongly resembled shamanistic ceremonies. Just like the torch-light processions of secret organizations of the Third Reich. The legend about Shambala and the Arian tribes hiding there has become the main racial principle of the German Nazi, who proclaimed themselves the inheritors of the ancient civilization. Hitler will say: Those who consider the national socialism as only a political movement know very little about it.Why did the governments of the USSR and Germany consign expeditions to the mysterious lands of Tibet a number of times? What did the representatives of special forces search for in the ancient oriental houses of God?