163. Escape from Berlin

In the middle of 50-ies, the escape of Eastern Germans from the DDR has turned into the natural hazards. Nikita Khrushchev called the Berlin problem a bone in the throat of the Soviet Union. Erich Honneker supervised the erection of the Berlin Wall personally. He then was the member of the National Defense Board of the DDR. After the division, the area behind the Wall was called the Zone this was the DDR.The window to the Western Berlin shut on August 13, 1961. The massive construction blocked 193 streets, 8 tram lines, and 4 metro lines. Water supply and gas pipes were welded, electric power and telephone cable were cut off and wells were brick-encased with the punctuality so peculiar to Germans. Channels and rivers were blocked with grates. The division line went through squares and bridges, boulevards and cemeteries, ponds and parks 150 million dollars were spent on erection of the Concrete Curtain 155 kilometers long.Upon the erection of the wall, ominous silence covered the Eastern part, submachine gun bursts could be heard in the night. Frontier guards shot at the Germans who tried to escape. Ten thousand citizens of the DDR tried to bridge the wall during the 28 years of its existence. Officially, 254 people were killed at the Berlin Wall. The film features the most famous mass escape under the Berlin Wall, the secrets of DDR intelligence and many other things.