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Year :  2005
Duration :  52 min
Total number of releases :  1
Written by :  Olga Demina
Directed by :  Sergey Kraus
A new public holiday, the Day of Accord and Reconciliation, will be celebrated for the first time this year. Indeed, Russia needs both accord and reconciliation. However, before reaching these, we should at least stop lying to ourselves and first of all stop lying about our common past.
After 1917, we were taken through the procedure of systematic obliteration. We were deprived of our own history, which was so much deformed that we should better know no history at all than the one that was conveyed to us trimmed and fit for up-to-the-minute political interests.
The authors of the film do not claim to reveal a comprehensive history of those times. Most likely, this is impossible. They say, history is not science but art, collective art of the entire people. It is a kind of canvas on which each painter lays his brushstrokes. Our only purpose is to refresh some forgotten or faded with time colors in the eyes of viewers and relate the events which were painted over in the course of creation of the historical canvas or turned to look unreasonably minor as compared with other events and which now appear more important and considerable.