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Investigated by...

Year :  2006-2013
Duration :  44 min
Total number of releases :  256
Anchor :  Leonid Kanaevsky
Written by :  Ilya Babenko, Vladimir Gubin, Alexander Zaletov, Robert Rovnik
Directed by :  Igor Akopyan, Dmitry Dokuchaev, Boris Fedorov
Music by :  Igor Nazaruk
Produced by :  Erica Galimurza, David Gamburg
List of Series

These criminal cases received much publicity all over the Soviet Union. Novels were written and films were shot on the basis of those cases. The persons involved in the cases were the millionaires of the era of socialism, witty thieves, professional robbers and “currency” swindlers. They challenged the Soviet society and the best investigators of the country met the challenge. They had no computers, cell phones or OMON fighters. However, this could not prevent justice. The gang the “Black Cat”, the case of the soviet gangsters of the late sixties, called “Fantomases”, the exciting story of the bandit Leonid Panteleev, the “free-lance artist, the thief” – all those cases made the history of Russian criminalistics.
The major aim of the series is not only to tell about the crimes and villains of the soviet times, but also to show the epoch, which has passed, in such way that the younger viewers could feel the atmosphere of the past and the older viewers could experience nostalgia for their younger years or childhood.
The anchor of the programme is the merited artist of Russia Leonid Kanevsky, the legendary Major Tomin from the popular series “Experts Investigate…”