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Mongoose - 2

Year :  2005
Duration :  48 min
Total number of releases :  12
Written by :  Dmitry Alexandrov, Anatoly Barkhatov, Mikhail Vasserbaum, Anastasia Zakharevich, Kirill Kapitsa, Kim Kosin, Alexander Lushin, Mikhail Makarenko, Alexander Paigalik, Sergey Seyranyan, Elena Utekhina, Igor Shevchuk
Directed by :  Yevgeny Aksenov, Kirill Kapitsa, Igor Kopylov, Mikhail Makarenko, Maria Solovtsova
Music by :  Dmitry Alexandrov
Produced by :  Viktor Budilov
Starring :  Vadim Karev, Anna Banschikova, Valeriy Kukhareshin, Svetlana Smirnova, Yan Tsapnik, Igor Kopylov, Anna Aleksakhina, Polina Bakharevskaya, Galina Subbotina, Tatiana Polonskaya
List of Series

Sequel of the detective series “Mongoose”.
In the new season the officers of the detective agency “Mongoose” – experienced Manokhin (V. Kukhareshin), arduous Gustov (V. Karev) and charming Zosya (A. Bancshikova) – keep on investigating crimes: serious and trifling, true and pretended. An elderly librarian mad of loneliness; a wife of an unlucky businessman consorted with a phony real estate company; a famous singer whose daughter went from home, and many other average and outstanding citizen in need of competent assistance of private detectives will become clients of the agency.