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Medical secret

Company :  ÎÎÎ "VAVILON”
Year :  2006
Duration :  46 min
Total number of releases :  120
Writen by :  Alexey Alekseev, Tatyana Alekseeva, Sonya Vais, Ekaterina Vasilyeva, Emelyan Dmitriev, Andrey Zolotarev, Tatyana Kabzistaya, Asya Kareva, Anastasiya Konetskaya, Arkadiy Kortikov, Yulia Strelkova, Elena Sherbinovskaya
Directed by :  Å. Loseva, Vasily Serikov, Alexander Smirnov, Alexander Sukharev, Petr Shtein
Music by :  Vladimir Borodin, Eugeny Sitovich, Andrey Feofanov
Produced by :  Andrey Prokopyev, Yuri Sapronov, Andrey Smirnov
Starring :  Vladislav Dolgorukov, Galina Sazonova, Stepan Rozhnov, Andrey Barilo, Darya Yurskaya, Maria Kostikova, Magomed Kostoev, Tatyana Smolyanitskaya, Sergey Ivanov, Vadim Medevedev and others
The episodic television series “Medical Secret” is a truthful story about daily life of a clinic hospital where doctors save and lose patients, where people get the second life or lose their last chance.

Life of each person is the history of his diseases. Doctors of an ordinary City Clinic Hospital regard their patients from this particular point of view. What can they? To collect anamnesis, set a diagnosis, carry out treatment – and hope for recovery. Indeed, life is a mystery. And doctors are no Gods. They are the same people who have to take decisions – and it is not a secret that such decisions are not always correct. The recovered patients consider their doctors the rescuers while those who lose their last health call doctors “killers in white coats”. Who is right and who is wrong? There are no answers to such questions. But it is necessary to talk about this because silence leads to fear and distrust.

This series touches upon the widest range of topics and problems which are in one way or another connected with medicine: medical secrecy and medical errors, paid medicine and bribery, transplantology and euthanasia… The place of action – a clinic hospital – allows for simulating of an endless number of the most various life and clinical cases involving various personages and lines of roles.
Personnel of the clinic include both occasional persons who wrongly found themselves in medicine and dedicated doctors. Kind-hearted and stale hard, clever and small-minded, talented and untalented. They differently understand and accomplish their commitment – health and life of an ill person depends on to whom he comes.
Patients and their relatives are not a ruck either. They are different people having their merits and weaknesses, which stand out in the light of happened disaster leading them to the clinic.
Relationships within personnel of the clinic, relations with patients, personal life of doctors and private histories of ill persons – all this interlaces closely and provides a common canvas of the series.

The hospital is a metaphor of life. People are ill – they are ill mentally, spiritually and physically. The mission of a doctor is to help a person to survive and safe himself as a personality. But who will help the doctor? How can he save his trust in himself, his abilities and his profession? And wherefrom can he take strength to tell parents that their child has not survived a surgery? How to look at the eyes of fatal case patient? What words shall be found in order to explain to a poor person that only an expensive surgery can help him?
Some people can work without feeling uneasy with such questions having worked out an original abient response, which seems like indifference sideways. Others let all pain pass thought themselves recognizing others’ grief as their own one.
All this is reflected in the exciting series “Medical Secret”, multidimensional and intriguing like life itself…