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Sundays in a female bath-house

Year :  2005
Duration :  46 min
Total number of releases :  13
Written by :  Oleg Danilov, Andrey Romanov
Directed by :  Olga Land
Music by :  Andrey Shelygin
Produce by :  Dmitry Astrakhan, Alexander Vasilkov, Arkady Tsymbler
Starring :  Eugenia Dobrovolskaya, Larisa Marshalova, Andrey Ilyin, Oleg Akulich, Larisa Gribaleva, Olga Nefedova, Elena Vnukova, Tamara Lisitskaya, Maria Kulikova, Egor Beroev, Irina Mazurkevich, Igor Khristenko, Anatoly Zhuravlev, Inna Gomez, Yaroslav Boiko, Igor Lifanov
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The scene of the series is laid in a female bath-house called “Amazon Leisure”.
Of course this is not a bath-house in the traditional sense of the word but a modern multi-field sanitary, hygienic, sports, medicine and cosmetic complex with a sauna, massage rooms, beauty parlors, gyms, swimming pools, cafés and private rooms – just in case – as the owner of the complex Svetlana Semyonova once said.
Several relatively young and prosperous women meet at “Amazon Leisure” every Sunday at a given time – this is a luxurious pleasure. The ladies go through various bath and sportive procedures and, what is more important, wag tongues (this is the main purpose of their visits).
They meet once a week. In the interim, certain events happen both in their private and in social life, that is why each of them is eager to impart their news to the friends.
Female destinies make up the backbone of this series. Naturally, their first concern is their relations with men.