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Modernism-era crimes

Company :  OOO "M — PROEKT"
Year :  2003
Duration :  39 min 00 sec
Total number of releases :  30
Author of the idea and narrator :  Lev Lurie
Directed by :  Pyotr Troitsky
Producer :  Alexandra Matveyeva
List of Series

The genre of retro-style detective stories have become extremely popular over the last few years. Reasons for that are the viewers’ growing interest in that particular period (end of XIX century – beginning of the XX century) and growth of the general public’s interest in the history of their country. NTV offers a new series of retro-style detective novellas filmed in an non–traditional manner. In each novella, the investigation (from the moment a crime is committed till conviction of suspects) is based on factual data and real documents, not on script writers’ imagination.

Each novella of the “Modernism-era Crimes” series is a thorough reconstruction of the most notorious crimes of the beginning of the XX century. The series producers led by Lev Lurie, a well-known historian from St. Petersburg, portray the most notorious and evocative crimes which then-head of St Petersburg’s Police Dept. Vladimir Filippov had to investigate. A skillful combination of documentary footage, historical documents and theatrical reconstruction of the described events in each novella emerge as both an attention-grabbing detective story and an original excursus into the history of St. Petersburg.