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Beyond the war

Year :  2004-2005
Duration :  46 min
Total number of releases :  5
Author of the Programme :  Alexei Pobortsev
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The War in Chechnya started ten years ago. A documentary film of Alexei Pobortsev “Beyond the War” is trying to give the reasons for this dreadful event. The unique evidences of the participants of those events who never before gave the interviews, of the politicians and generals who took the main decisions and whom the development of the situation around Chechnya depended on – all that is shown in the film. Who Dudaev is? How does it happen that the soviet general has come to Chechnya and become the irreconcilable separatists leader? For whose account has the so-called independent Chechnya lived and on what basis has its Army been formed? Why and how has the decision to bring the troops into the Republic been taken?
The first Chechen campaign lasted for two years. Bloody war, the aims of which have never been clear to ordinary people. The Presidential elections were coming. To stay in the President’s armchair Eltsin was to stop that war. How were they trying to do it tells the second part of the film “Beyond the War. Khasavyurt” . The first attempts of negotiations with the separatists. Their meeting in Kremlin and the Eltsin’s trip to Chechnya, where the assassination on him has been planned. Why did the separatists troops, despite the negotiations, seize Grozny? How was the Khasavyurt Agreement signed? The recollections of the direct participants and eye-witnesses from both parties.
Shots from private archives that were never before shown on TV are included in the film.