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Mukhtars return - 2

Year :  2005-2014
Duration :  45 min
Total number of releases :  698 (09.07.2014)
Written by :  Igor Sharov
Directed by :  Vladimir Zlatoustovsky
Music by :  Kirill Volkonkov, Alexander Kosenkov, Georgy Nikolaenko, Yuri Pryalkin
Produced by :  Felix Cleiman, Pavel Korchagin
Starring :  Alexander Nosik (50 parts), Alexander Volkov (51-....), Alla Kovnir, Viktor Nizovoi, Alexander Voevodin, Oksana Stashenko, Konstantin Kostyshev, Alexander Ignatusha, Nastya Serdyuk-Bunina, Dmitry Klibansky, Lera Klibanskaya, Irina Bunina
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The film Mukhtars Return2 is the series of stories about adventures of the team of experts officers of internal forces of militia and their dog.
The distinguishing feature of this series which puts it out of the number of similar detective projects, is the idea of existence of a certain team, in which the tailed assistant the faithful dog in many ways helps to clean crimes. He has unique abilities which no man has physical strength, exceptional nose, the sixth sense and hair-trigger reaction.

The genre of the series Mukhtars Return is defined as a detective adventure series with elements of social drama including comedy situations.
The main characters appear all through the series. As in any classic series, they find themselves in various extreme, dead-end and sometimes funny situations on their way to victory.
Each episode is a separate story about the adventures of the tireless quad of equal partners. As a rule, one case is being cleaned in each episode.