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Games for men of ekaterina furceva

Year :  2005
Duration :  39 min 00 sec
Total number of releases :  1
Hosted by :  Elena Solovyova
Authors :  Anna Grigorieva, Nadezhda Shahova
Directed by :  Sergey Vinogradov, Shaban Muslimov
Producer :  Rauf Atamalibekov, Nikita Evgan
This film is about a working girl from Vyshny Volochek climbing the political Olympus. Ekaterina Furceva wrote three different stories and failed with all of them:

1. WIFE: According to the assignment of the Young Communist League the young weaver goes to Feodosia to attend pilots school there; then she moves to Leningrad and meets Pyotr Petkov, a pilot; he becomes her first husband; they move to Moscow; the war breaks out; Pyotr is called up to the front; she gets shell-shocked while extinguishing landmines; the birth of her daughter Svetlana; divorce; start of her own career.

2. COMPANION-IN-ARMS: she swapped to the career in the communist party; acquaintance with Pyotr Boguslavsky; breach; acquaintance with Stalin and appointment as the Secretary of the Moscow City Committee; during Khrushchev times, appointment as the First Secretary of Moscow City Committee; in 1957, saved Khrushchev from dismissal at the meeting of Political Bureau; she is appointed a member of Presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist Party; she fell in disfavour with Khrushcev and was dismissed from the Presidium of the Central Committee; a suicide attempt and appointment as the Minister of Culture.

3. EMPRESS: persecution of Ernst Neizvestny, Yuri Lyubimov, Alexander Tvardovsky; support to Oleg Efremov; acquisition of foreign films including “A Man And A Woman” of Claude Lelouch; marriage to a diplomat Nikolai Firyubin – happy family life never worked out; she fell in disfavour with Brezhnev; loss of the country house, disappointment with work – accusation of potations – loneliness – death on 24 October 1974. Several days after the funeral her first and only love – Pyotr Petkov dies of blood-stroke. Games for men never brought her happiness. The main story of a Woman – the story of LOVE – remained unwritten.