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The forgotten regiment

Year :  2000-2001
Duration :  45 min.
Total number of releases :  9
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The Forgotten Regiment is a program about the missing in action and those who still cherish the hope of finding them.
Yevgeny Kirichenko, a war journalist NTV, presents the program.
As long as the soldier remains at duty, the state needs him. But once he is registered as missing in action, the state, most often than not, ignores him. If we count all the missing in action in the local conflicts of the last few years, we could put together more than one regiment. The names of the missing in action are crossed out of the lists of their detachments, but they are not crossed out of the memories of their families who have spent years trying to find at least the grave of their son, brother or father. The program's goal is to make this search more efficient using the opportunities offered by TV.
The program covers lives of concrete soldiers and officers who did not come back from war. Their mothers and companions in arms, as well as the people, who try to find them, speak about them.
The program tells about those who performed their "international duty" in Afghanistan and Korea, Vietnam and Angola, Mozambique and South Yemen. Information about many officers missing in action at those wars remains secret.
The idea is that each program should yield a result, showing a mother meeting with her son who has been rescued from the Chehen captivity or children learning the whereabouts of the grave of their father missing in action since the Great Patriotic War (World War II).