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Forgotten parade

Year :  2004
Duration :  38 min 42 sec
Total number of releases :  1
Narrator :  Kirill Nabutov
Written by :  Marianna Factorovich
Directed by :  Oleg Graff
Produced by :  Mikhail Berzakovsky
The film is dedicated to the forgotten parade of the allied forces, which took place in Germany on 7 September 1945 in commemoration of the end of the World War II. Shots of the parade: arrival of Marshal Zhukov in a convertible car, passage of the troops of England, USA, France and the USSR. Chronicles of capture of Berlin are used. The map of Berlin, images, Soviet tanks in the streets, white flags in the windows of the buildings, German citizens receive food from liberators, views in a German school, children, arms raised in Nazi greeting, singing a song about Hitler. Hitler observes the rank of Hitlerjugend. Signing of capitulation. Keitel, Zhukov and others. Signing of capitulation with Japan on 2 September 1945.
Featuring: B. Sapunov, V. Kosarev, soldiers of the Soviet Army; G. Marcus, citizen of Berlin in 1945; Egon Bar, politician, citizen of Berlin in 1945; A. Buchin, Marshal Zhukovs driver; V. Koltypin, participant of the parade on 7 September 1945; Makhmud Gareev, General, military historian.