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The spiral staircase

Company :  ╬╬╬ "STUDIA PANORAMA"
Year :  2005
Duration :  46 min
Total number of releases :  8
Written by :  Andrey Scherbinin, Dmitriy Parmenov
Directed by :  Dmitriy Parmenov
Music by :  Maksim Koshevarov, Evgeny Fedorov
Produced by :  Ada Staviskaya
Starring :  Inna Churikova, Irina Rakshina, Vladimir Matveev, Evgeniy Titov, Natalia Davydova and others
List of Series

Story 1. (episodes 1 — 4)
Retro-detective. The action takes place at the beginning of the last century. General-widow Mrs. Gorchakova rents a house in the vicinity of St.-Petersburg. It turns out later that the house has a bad reputation among the local peasants who believe in a ghost living in the estate. Mrs. Gorchakova and her family do not believe in the existence of a ghost but nevertheless they do not manage to rest peacefully in the country. A number of mysterious murders take place in the house. The nephew of the widow falls under suspicion. Mrs. Gorchakova takes the investigation in her hands and successfully copes with it.

Story 2. (episodes 5 — 8)
Pre-Christmas fussing about the Gorchakov's house. All the family is waiting for the widow's nephew, Peter to come home for holidays. Suddenly a very strange gentleman who introduces himself as a good Peter's friend appears in the house. Failed to see Peter at home he leaves, but incidentally meets Peter in the street and invites him to gambling house to join his old business partner. It causes a number of deaths. And again Peter is in danger and under suspicion. And over again the widow undertakes the investigationů