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Live legend

Year :  2006-2007
Duration :  44 min
Total number of releases :  9 (02.09.2007)
Scriptwriter :  Elena Kalinina
Author :  Alexey Molokov
Director :  Yuliya Mavrina, Ekaterina Shashkova
Producer :  Evgeny Kucherenko, Alexander Emir-Shakh
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One can name a live legend many stars of cinema, music, politics and sport. But a well-known name is not a guarantee that it will be inscribed forever — not in history textbooks but in the collective memory. An impressive service record, a lot of figures and facts are not interesting by themselves if there is no charismatic personality behind. This personality will be the character of the legends.

Each programme focuses on an interview with the main character. But these films will not resemble jubilee eulogies. Nobody is perfect. Although, certainly, it is impossible not to love your hero. Or at least to respect and to acknowledge the talent.

These films will remind millions of people how they lived. These characters’ fates reflect our common past that we gradually forget. Since there is a grown up generation for whom Chubais is just a guy who is to blame if there is no light. And Mikhalkov is an ichthyosaurus. They have never heard about Kio as they do not go to the circus and they can hardly tell the difference between Magomaev and Kobzon. But since the TV undertook to be a chain, connecting generations, something that used to be called from mouth to mouth – it simply must tell this legend to those who do not know about it. Especially since this legend is still alive.