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Summer residents (dachniki)

Company :  OOO "TELEZNAK"
Year :  2004-2005
Duration :  26 min
Total number of releases :  36
Hosted by :  Masha Shakhova
Written by :  Linor Goralik, Boris Lvovich
Directed by :  Vadim Gladyshev, Ilona Svekhovskaya
Music by :  Shlygin Alexei
List of Series

What do the great writers, artists, scientists, painters, politicians and sportsmen have in common? What connects simple, “not great” people with them and with each other? The fact that all these people sooner or later became summer residents. In the summer cottages, they made scientific discoveries and carried on giddy love affairs, created great works of art and informed against their neighbors, demonstrated their loyalty to political regime and made jam, brought up children and hid themselves from the political regime.

In the programme “Summer Residents”, history “meets” contemporaneity under “informal circumstances”, and details of everyday life and funny and pathetic, absurd and dramatic details of private life make up the inimitable colour of the programme.

The television project “Summer Residents” exists for nearly four years. During this time, more then fifty original programmes were shot about various summer residence localities in Russia and near Moscow, such as: Peredelkino and Mozzhinka, Malakhovka and Koktebel, Tarusa and Nicolina Gora, Ruza and Serebryanny Bor, Peter’s Komarovo, and Rublevka.

Tsvetaeva and Eisenstein, Pasternak and Galich, Stalin and Khruschev, Rostropovich and Sakharov, Lilya Brik and Ilya Erenburg, Sergei Korolev and Otto Shmidt, Leonid Utesov, Dmitrii Shostakovich, Nikolai Cherkasov, Alexander Vertinsky and many others were the heroes of the programmes. However, now the fact that interesting topics are not depleted inspires the authors of the project.

The scope of the programme “Summer Residents” actually expands: besides the localities near Moscow, with still plenty of “untrod paths”, the programmes were shot in Livadia and Odessa, programmes are being shot about distinguished summer residence localities in the Crimea and in the Baltic area. A new theme about Russian summer residents abroad is being developed now.

The Programme has a wide audience. Someone recognizes that “Summer Residents” is a sort of Mexican soap opera, a story about human passions, someone is interested in the fate of particular heroes who became the milestones in the Russian history and culture, the thirds are attracted by the nostalgia for specific time and place… All these three views on the Programme are relevant: the author’s project of Masha Shakhova supposes both television taginess and lyric spirits and, also, a thorough analysis of the historic and cultural context.

In 2002, the programme “Summer Residents” was awarded “TEFI” television prize.