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The main hero

Year :  2007 — 2009
Duration :  56 min
Total number of releases :  91 (05.07.2009)Presenter
Author :  Anton Khrekov
Directors :  Alexey Popov, Stanislav Sidorov
Produced by :  Anna Zharnitskaya, Dmitry Zhukov, Geliya Karimova, Tatyana Krasnoselskaya, Anna Kuklenko, Oleg Ptashkin, Svetlana Selina, Tatyana Stepovayana
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February 4, 2007 NTV gets personal. “The Main Hero” is a weekly reporters’ programme about personalities and the personal. Its heroes (which for the most part are in good health in this world now) frankly speak about their very personal matters. The participants of major events of our time, the people whose names are known to everyone, first-rate politicians, businessmen, brightest movie and show business stars tell about the secrets of their lives themselves.

When arranging the studio for the programme, the journalists fooled around a little and destroyed the customary image of a studio as a “secluded Ostankino bunker” with talking heads. Amidst the modern multimedia set, there is a hole through which Anton Khrekov goes out into the world. Several cranes and concert light are used on the set. In fact, the heroes of the programme will be able to carry out concerts right in the studio. A special stage was arranged for this purpose. It is known that the programme will contain the “Great Musical Adventure” — a regular report of Vadim Takmenev, the reporter of the “Profession: Reporter” programme. The authors of the programme define its genre as the report & concert. Each time it will be an original first-time performance with participation of celebrities.

“The Main Hero. Unknown about the Well-Known” represents facts, witnesses, authentic documents, unique amateur video records and photos.

“The Main Hero. NTV gets personal” includes reports where the stories are usually narrated from the first person. The heroes confide in the reporters of the programme and trust its viewers. Exclusive interviews with those in the limelight. Heroes of rumor mill. Incredible turns of fates and then unknown facts.

The gem of the programme is the deciphered biography of a legendary person or reconstruction of a breathtaking event recited by its famous participants. Rare photos of historical significance from private archives, which “revive” on the screen after computer reconstruction. And, of course, intriguing interviews right from the spot.