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Siege of leningrad (faces of the siege)

Company :  ÎÎÎ "ADAM’S APPLE"
Year :  2004
Duration :  44 min
Total number of releases :  2
Presenter :  Kyrill Nabutov
Written by :  Alexei Vasiliyev, Petr Yerifeev, Yelena Trifonova, Marianna Faktorovich
Directed by :  Oleg Shilovsky
Producer :  Alexei Vasiliyev
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The film is timed to the anniversary of lifting the siege of Leningrad.
New documents in the authors’ disposal allow to answer many arguable questions about the siege of Leningrad. Discussions have been held recently speculating if Hitler wanted to assault Leningrad or not. Having analyzed tens of archive papers and research works, we can make a clear conclusion: it’s not the that he just wanted it – he dreamed of it! In the beginning of the war, it was Leningrad but not Moscow, that was his troops’ main target. The authors of the film obtain the unchallengeable documents proving this version.
What plans did the Finnish Marshal Mannerheim have? What is the role of Finland in the siege of Leningrad? The memoirs of Finnish war veterans, historians, the chronicles so far unknown in Russia showing that there were almost no active military actions in the Soviet-Finnish Front, and Finnish soldiers were busy mostly with agriculture. The Nazi who occupied the surroundings of Leningrad – who were they? There will be shown interviews of the veterans of the fight for Leningrad who were on the opposite side. There is no unity among them. Some of them ask the citizens of Leningrad for forgiveness and are aware of the criminal nature of the siege – they are the majority. However, there are those who still believe their actions were right.
The German chronicles illustrating the attitude of Germany towards the Soviet Union in the beginning of the war. The propaganda shows the Soviet captives. The text behind the screen is approximately as follows: “Churchill and Roosevelt! Look at the faces of the people you help! These are Bolshevik hordes. They should be eliminated. They are not worth calling them humans…”.
The German chronicles show good nutritious feeding of German soldiers in the distance of several kilometers from the city where people go mad of hunger.
Memoirs of those who survived the siege. A school girl who starved in Leningrad, the future merited actor of Russia, Alisa Freundlich. Merited actor Nikolai Trofimov recalls how he lost his three-month-old son and looked for the place where he could bury the boy and how he helped to dismantle the remains of a tram filled with people after a German shell had hit it.
Regular citizens of Leningrad recall their past. An explosion torn off a little girl’s arm and she cried…because the bread card was left in it. After winter, saunas were open. People washed themselves together in one room and laughed at each other to tears: people were emaciated to the limit.