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White blood cells

Year :  2006
Duration :  26 min 07 sec
Total number of releases :  1
Author :  Alexey Pobortsev
Each year, more than three thousand children in Russia acquired different types of leukemia. Such diagnosis means death warrant for almost half of those who suffer from it.
However, many more children — up to 70-80% — could be cured both in Russian hospitals and abroad. The difference means hundreds of children. Boys and girls fight against the disease and help the others with their own example, support, and words. The children that can survive. And continue to live.
There are only two ways to cure them: chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation. The first way means that they had to be nearly killed to be cured. The second way is used when the first one doesnít help any more. The work of physicians that struggle against leukemia means virtually balancing between life and death of their little patients. The result is saved lives. More of them could be saved, however, medicine, equipment and new hospitals are required for that. The existing hospitals and oncohematological departments cannot admit all the diseased. Many of them die waiting for the operation. Sometimes through the lack of money, or because it takes the officials too long to make decision.
The situation can be cured through construction of new special clinics. However, the problems are the same Ė lack of financing and bureaucratic longstops.
Alexey Pobortsevís new documentary White Blood Cells tells about how and where childrenís leucosis is cured in Russia, who helps our physicians and how, and who hinders them.