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Emergency. weekly review

Year :  2005-2010
Duration :  10 min
Presenters :  Mikhail Tukmacherv
The genre of the programme may be identified as journalism of incident. The peculiarity of the programme is that it does not virtually represent a criminal report or chronicles, but rather shows the real life as unvarnished truth.

When the idea of a summary programme about accidents first appeared at NTV, the team worked involving all hands. The final decision was reached two weeks before the premier release, when the programme schedule with the new entry Emergency. Weekly Review was already passed over for publication. Mikhail Tukmachev took charge of the team, which consisted of professionals of this genre the people who know what the viewer wants, can find this information and can represent it in a spectacular way. This team succeeded in creating a quality production based on reports with live video but not drama reconstruction.

Emergency. Weekly Review is steadily among the top twenty high rating programmes of the Russian TV.