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Today in the morning

Year :  2004-2009
Duration :  55 min
The news channel Today In the Morning helps the viewers wake up in good mood and answers the principal questions, which may arise in the morning. Permanent rubrics of Today in the Morning create the complete picture of the day:
Smart Money overview of economic events, rates of basic currencies and stock quotations.
Big Press highlights the most provoking publications of the latest newspapers and magazines.
No Conflicts a program aimed at enhancing juridical competence of people.
Active Life a program for those who want to keep good health against all the odds.
In Store a customers guidebook, a program about everything that can be bought.
Auto-Top the news of the automobile world.
Are You Awake? a morning program for the fair sex.
All At Once! news of the world show business and its manifestations in Russia.
Outside weather forecast by professor Alexander Belyaev and Irina Polyakova.
Segodnya covers the latest events in Russia and worldwide as well as sports news and is on air every 30 minutes.

The news channel Today In the Morning is on air on weekdays from 6:00 till 9:00.