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Segodnya. Summary program

Year :  2005-2009
Duration :  40 min
Anchor :  Kirill Pozdnyakov
Directed by :  Alexander Sidorov, Alexander Smirnov, Evgeniy Tretyakov
Produced by :  Andrey Gorlov, Sofia Gudkova, Aleksey Dudchenko, Ekaterina Sokolova
Supreviser :  Nikolay Kartozia
Segodnya. Summary Program is a weekly summarizing news and journalistic program. In brief, its concept is a reporters judgment of the principle events of the week. Summing up each event, the reporters of the program try not only to omit no detail and outline different points of view on the problem but also find an original twist of the topic, which was not developed in other NTV news spots. Each episode of the Summary Program contains also several detailed stories these are special reportages on the topics related to the events of the expiring week.